It’s Hard to Make Mistakes

Take a moment to reflect on a failure or mistake you made recently. How did you react?

Did you question your intelligence or ability? Were you worried your peers would think less of you? Were you tempted to give up – or did you persevere through your struggles?

When we are faced with failure, it can be easy to throw in the towel.

We Can Learn From Our Mistakes

But we’re not here to take the easy way out. And here’s the good news: it’s possible to train our brains to accept failure and learn from it.

Science shows that having a growth mindset: “[believing] that [one’s] most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work” rather than one’s innate intelligence, can have a profound impact on how we learn.

In fact, the more mistakes we make, and the more risks we take, the more we grow.

Now let’s think about the benefits of not only adults having a growth mindset, but kids as well. Our kids’ brains are constantly growing and developing as they learn. Helping our children develop a growth mindset can address fear of failure when it comes to taking on challenges and learning something new.

When we teach our kids it is okay to fail we are also teaching them that it is their effort and perseverance that matters most. Kids are more likely to take on a new challenge with confidence and excitement, rather than fear.

Coding Gives Room to Try and Try Again

Coding can help your child develop a growth mindset by giving them the space to make mistakes and take on big challenges.

In coding, your child will soon learn that making mistakes is inevitable. Coding teaches us that to succeed is to fail, sometimes once, twice, many times, until the problem is solved. In fact, even the best of coders are surprised if everything works out on the first try.

When your child does get that “Aha!” moment, it will be made even more valuable knowing the struggles it took to get there.