With its growing popularity, you’ve probably heard of Roblox, but what does it have to offer? Kids have fallen in love with the combination of gaming, creativity, and socialization that comes with Roblox. Roblox allows kids to play some really cool games, develop some of their own content, and share with friends. Check out these hidden benefits of letting your child play Roblox.

1. Connect and play with friends

Roblox is similar to a social media platform that combines the gaming aspect. Players can friend each other and play games as a team. Social media can be scary, especially for young kids, but don’t worry! Roblox has security features that make your child’s safety a priority. See the Security point below!

2. Develop logical thinking skills

Many Roblox games take some careful strategy and execution to win. Encourage your child to explore new games and play to win. Kids will subconsciously build strategies and quick-thinking skills that carry over into school, sports, and pass times. Work together to find cover for various natural disasters in Natural Disaster Survival or be quick on your feet to find the correct platform in Color Block. These all foster friendly competition and build skills like determination, focus, and critical thinking.

3. Grow Curious about Creating Games

Once your child is captivated by playing Roblox games, introduce them to Roblox Studio and have them try their hand at game development. Roblox Studio is a great way to get students interested in coding and game design. Roblox Studio allows kids to take on the role of a real game developer! They’ll see what it’s like to design their game and write scripts in a language called Lua. Once they’ve created a game, they can publish it to Roblox for other players to try. Your child can experience firsthand the process of designing a game, programming it, and releasing it for users to play.

4. Security

Roblox is geared towards children, but there are extra safety measures you can take to create the best experience for your child. Players can message each other during games using the chat. Through your child’s Roblox account, you can adjust their privacy settings to control who they can communicate with through the chat system. Roblox even uses chat filters that remove important information such as names, emails, and phone numbers. Most games are designed for a young audience, but enter your child’s age to ensure the content is appropriate.