Computer code is integral to so many parts of the modern world and learning it will give you many advantages. At it’s most basic function, coding is simply learning to tell machines what to do. Underlying the function of so many of today’s machines we take for granted, coding is critical for both hardware and software. Hardware, such as: ATM’s, Airplanes, Computers, Shopping, Telephones, Movies and software for apps, operating systems, websites and more. People who work with code are typically called coders, programmers or developers, but as technology evolves so will the names for those proficient in coding. Everyone in any industry can benefit from learning the skills of coding, and so can kids of all ages!


Like all languages, coding is actually easier for kids to learn than for adults. The key is to learn the concepts of computational thinking, frameworks, logic, and what is possible with the learning of this new language. Most kids are learning the basics of coding, with a focus on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Coding is a fantastic skill that is worth learning at any age.


As technology advances, there are more and more opportunities to utilize the skills learned in coding to turn a wonderful hobby into a rewarding career. There are so many options available today and tomorrow there will be even more opportunities.

Today’s career’s include:

Web Development, Creative Design, App Development, Gaming, Software of all kinds, AI and of course Big Data.