At Code Central, our philosophy stems from two core elements: Create an environment that provides hands-on learning and offer a curriculum that engages student interest, curiosity, and imagination. We understand that kids learn and grow in different ways and one size does not always fit all.

Coding Rookie- Teaching the fundamentals of programming utilizing programs such as to teach languages like BlockLy, HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Front End Development- Learning how to design user Interfaces, everything that a user will see or interact with. Main languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript
BackEnd Development- Also known as server-side scripting, learning the concepts behind hosting your website or web-app. NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, and ExpressJS

Databasing- The storing and accessing of electronic records, such as a website’s user account information, a companies product list, or a list of your favorite video games! MySQL, Mongo DB

Game Development-  Students design individual games using tools such as Phaser HTML5 Game Engine, Unity 3D and P5.

Robotics- Using various sensors, motors and input devices to teach basic robotic design. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Lego Mindstorm.

Mobile App Development- Hybrid Mobile Development, using the latest frameworks to write cross-platform hybrid mobile applications. Ionic Framework, Cordova, React Native.

Object Oriented Programming- The study of languages with a model built around objects rather than actions. Popular languages include Ruby on Rails, Java, C++

Data Analysis- Using scripts to systematically or mathematically manipulate, organize and analyze data. Python

Curriculum Breakdown

Our students are placed into one of three courses: Coding Rookie, Programming Pro or Techie Superstar. Each is then customized to fit the students need, encouraging a strong foundation for any area of focus. Game Development, Web Design, Robotics, etc., all share core concepts that our curriculum strives to build from the ground up.