At Code Central, our philosophy focuses around two core elements:  First, create an environment that provides hands-on learning. Second, offer a curriculum that engages student interest, curiosity, and imagination.  We understand that kids learn and grow in different ways and that one size does not fit all.

Some of the technologies we use for beginners and advanced coders include:

Coding Rookie- Teaching the fundamentals of programming utilizing programs such as and Code Combat to teach languages like BlockLy, HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Front End Development- Learning how to design user Interfaces, everything that a user will see or interact with. Main languages : HTML, CSS, Javascript

BackEnd Development- Also known as server-side scripting, learning the concepts behind hosting your website, web-app, or native application.  NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, and ExpressJS

Databasing- The storing and accessing of electronic records, such a website’s user account information, a companies product list, or a list of your favorite video games! MySQL, Mongo DB

Game Development-  Students design individual games using tools such as Phaser HTML5 Game Engine, Unity 3D and P5.

Robotics- Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Lego Mindstorm,

App Development- Hybrid Mobile Development,  using the latest frameworks to write cross-platform hybrid mobile applications. Ionic Framework, Cordova, React Native.

Object Oriented Programming- The study of languages with a model built around objects rather than actions. Popular languages include Ruby on Rails, Java, C++

Data Analysis and A.I- Using scripts to systematically, logically or mathematically

Curriculum Breakdown

Our students are placed into one of three courses: Coding Rookie, Programming Pro or Techie Superstar. Each is then customized to fit the students need, encouraging a strong foundation for any area of focus. Game Development, Web Design, Robotics, etc., all share core concepts that our curriculum strives to build from the ground up.