Meet the Code Central Team! Our staff is made up of a diverse team of coders with a wide range of experience in programming, and working with kids. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others!

Eric Mendelsohn
Eric MendelsohnCo-Founder/Director
With more than 25 years of experience in teaching and education management, Eric has worked with a wide range of students from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. With an M.A. in English and extensive program development and teaching experience, he has developed countless courses in many areas of study, including cultural training, learning development, and tutoring programs. Eric is committed environments that inspire others to learn, and is the father of a fourth grade “creator.”

Sam Cornelius
Sam CorneliusLead instructor
Sam is a homeschool graduate and holds an Associates in Computer Programming from the College of Southern Nevada. His passion for educating others in computer programming begin with his work as a tutor and lab monitor at CSN, and has developed during his time with Code Central. He is an avid gamer, a passionate music maker, and is the eldest of three siblings.

Nadine Rayes
Nadine RayesLead Instructor
A fourth year undergrad Computer Science student at UNLV, Nadine has been learning computer science since her freshman year of high school. Her passion for coding arose from an interest in video game design at a young age. She was a computer science tutor at Virginia State University, and has an extensive background working with kids of all ages.

Cameron Burns
Cameron BurnsInstructor
Cameron is a 3rd year undergrad Computer Science student at UNLV. His passion for coding originated from his interest in ethical hacking and keeping the transfer of digital information secure. Cameron wants to spread the wonder of coding and believes every child deserves to have a fundamental understanding of how computers work. When Cameron is not studying or working, he is enjoying his love for video games and reading.
Drea Peret
Drea PeretInstructor
Andrea is an undergraduate student at UNLV, completing a B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. She is an Adobe Certified Associate in Adobe Illustrator and is an experienced graphic designer. Her passion in arts and design mixed with her programming interests leads her to pursue a career in computer graphics and UX/UI design.

Noah Leighton
Noah LeightonInstructor
Noah is an outgoing individual who enjoys playing Lacrosse with his two younger brothers. As a Senior in Coronado High School, he competes in many robotics competitions. His robotics team has made it to the Vex US Open Nationals tournament twice, and to the Vex world competition. Noah also enjoys fidgeting with his Rubik’s cube and playing Xbox with his friends.
Cathy Zu
Cathy ZuCoordinator
Currently an undergrad student at UNLV, Cathy has experience with graphic design, web design, and web development. She is an Adobe Certified Associate in Adobe Illustrator and graduated from Southwest Career & Technical Academy with Nevada’s Certificate of Skill Attainment in both Graphic Design and Web Design & Development.
Xander Endre
Xander EndreInstructor
Xander began as a student at Code Central, became a student volunteer, and worked his way up to becoming an Instructor. He teaches Intermediate and Advance Computer Science concepts.
Grace Gabrielson
Grace GabrielsonInstructor
Grace is currently dual enrolled at Coronado High School and UNLV’s Advanced Studies Program. She has been passionate about computer science since she was ten years old. She is an officer on the Vex Robotics team at Coronado, and last year her team qualified for the national competition in Iowa. She is grateful for the opportunity to inspire others to learn how to code.
Fiorina Chau
Fiorina ChauInstructor
Fiorina is currently a senior enrolled in the web design and development course at Southwest Career and Technical Academy. She loves to express through the arts whether it be designing websites, graphic design, or drawing. Fiorina is always looking to expand her scope of knowledge and grow. On her free time, she enjoys figure skating and video editing.
Chi Vu
Chi VuInstructor
Chi first found her passion for coding after taking an online python programming course. She’s expecting to graduate with her Bachelor degree of Computer Science in 2021. She loves to learn and hoping to inspire young students to do the same.
“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
-Phil Jackson