At Code Central, our philosophy focuses around two core elements:  First, create an environment that provides hands-on learning. Second, offer a curriculum that engages student interest, curiosity, and imagination.  We understand that kids learn and grow in different ways and that one size does not fit all.

Some of the technologies we use for beginners and advanced coders include:, utilizing block code to introduce the beginning concepts of coding such as logical thinking, decision making, repetition, and interactive programs.

Code Combat is a platform for students to learn computer science while playing through a video game. From beginner to advanced levels, they learn to write code in JavaScript and Python in an engaging game format.
Codecademy offers a multitude of courses all over the world of coding for languages such as Python, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, SQL, and PHP!

And much more!

Code Central introduces kids to a wide variety of languages including C#, Java, Arduino, and offers beginning robotics with the Dash & Dot kit! We cater to the learning needs for each individual child and are continually developing our curriculum to add more learning opportunities based on student needs.

Advanced Sprints

Our Sprints provide the setting for kids to apply their knowledge in a project-based environment! We believe in kids creating together and have designed our Advanced Sprints with this in mind. Bringing in industry professionals to introduce a task for the kids to take on in a 6-week project, focused on unique technologies that require students to collaborate together. With new innovations happening daily, we are constantly working to offer our students the opportunity to experiment with the latest in technology.

Here are a few of our upcoming Advanced Sprints:

Robotics Programming

Web Development

Game Development