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Minecraft and Roblox


Creating You Own World With Code!

Roblox and Minecraft are not only fun video game sandboxes for kids to spend time with their friends online, but they also boast engaging and robust coding environments for kids to to create their own games.

In this 6-week specialized course, students will go behind the scenes in the Minecraft and Roblox worlds to create new and exciting games and features. Using both in-game resources and models together with programming skills, they will design new and unique worlds!

In the Roblox series, students will learn the programming language Lua to design and create their own multiplayer game. In the Minecraft series, students will learn how to develop custom content and change the basic functions in Minecraft to create their own worlds and experiences using the programming language JavaScript.


The Specialized Series

Students will be led by an experienced Code Central instructor and guided together as they build a game in Roblox or Minecraft. During the development of their project, students will learn and apply important programming concepts to help them add extra aspects to their personalized game that can be shared with friends and family.

During the development of their game, students will experiment with different aspects of the programming concepts that they have been introduced to, as well as try out the games of their peers in the class. During the final class of the series, students will have the opportunity to play in each other’s worlds and will receive a copy of their games to continue developing at home.

No better place for your children to learn this now necessary skill. They make it fun and interesting for the kids! Teachers here can’t be beat! – Lydia P.


Mondays September 13th through October 26th

This Specialized Series is a 6-week course on Mondays. Sessions are one hour in duration and separated by age group.

September Sessions: September 13th, 20th, 27th

October Sessions: October 4th, 11th, 18th

My 11-year-old loves it here. He is more focused here than in any other activity. Definitely worth it. The staff is friendly and very helpful if he has trouble with anything. – Mikki

Sessions are available both in-person (Henderson and South Summerlin locations) and online.

Time (all times PST)ClassesAge Group
3PM – 4PMProgramming in Roblox Studio7 to 10
4PM – 5PMProgramming in Roblox Studio11 to 15
5PM – 6PMModding in Minecraft7 to 10
6PM – 7PMModding in Minecraft11 to 15





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South Summerlin
Virtual Sessions

Bring the magic of coding home with virtual online sessions! Small groups hosted live by our Code Central instructors.

Does my child need to bring their own device?2021-08-17T15:22:00-07:00

For students joining us in-center, all devices needed for the class will be provided. This includes a computer, mouse, and headphones. However, if a student would like to bring his/her own device, they are welcome to use their own.

For online students, students will be required to have a computer at home that can run the program and Zoom as well. For the Minecraft class specifically, only Windows 10 computers will be allowed as the program is not compatible with MacOS.

Will my student be able to take their project home after the final class?2021-08-17T15:30:36-07:00

Yes! On the final day of class, student will be uploading their games to their accounts so they can login at home and continue working on it, as well as share with friends and family!

Does my child need prior coding experience?2021-08-17T15:25:51-07:00

These classes are perfect for students of all experience levels! Whether your student is new to coding or has programmed in the past, they will be learning new concepts as well as testing the limits of their prior knowledge.

Can my child use their own Roblox account?2021-08-17T15:29:36-07:00

For Roblox, students will be able to use their own accounts for the class. Please be advised that for students with two-factor  authentication turned on, they will have to use a temporary account in order to sign in and start the project.

What version of Minecraft will be used?2021-08-15T18:13:46-07:00

Students will be using Minecraft for Windows 10. This version is the same as Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

How is this series different than regular Code Central sessions?2021-08-17T15:23:41-07:00

During our regular sessions, students are able to explore a variety of project topics and work independently. The Specialized Series teaches students in a classroom-like environment where everyone is working on a project together. Topics such as Roblox and Minecraft programming are only offered in the Specialized Series classes, not regular sessions.

My son has been going to Code Central for almost a year. He loves it. My son says it’s the best place he has ever been to. He loved it so much that he wanted us to change from 1 hour to a 2-hour session once a week. – May N.

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