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Interested in a fun way for your child to learn computer programming ? Our Live Virtual Workshops are an excellent way to learn essential coding skills for kids of all ages. These free 2 hour lessons from our instructors will show students how to create amazing projects that they can share with friends and family to showcase their programming skills.

Virtual Workshops

Intro to Robotics with Arduino

Even though we are online, kids can still learn the concepts behind robotics! In this workshop, we will explore basic circuitry and the coding behind putting together components of robotics.

Making A Zombie Shooter with Scratch

Scratch is a powerful creative tool, and this workshop will show kids how complex their video games can get! Whether they have worked in Scratch before or not, students will learn some of the more advanced concepts of what is possible in this coding environment.

Create A Roblox Game

Roblox is an amazing place with so many creative games for kids to play. Imagine what it would be like if your kids were able to make the next popular Roblox game! We will take them through the first steps by making a simple arcade-like Roblox game!