Project Description

Building Your Own Fortnite Clone in Unreal Engine

Virtual Camp Description

It is no question on what the single most popular battle-royale game out there right now. In this workshop we will guide students how to build their own simplified version of this popular video game in the very engine that created the original! Students will explore Unreal Engine’s advanced Blueprints coding language!

Note: The programs used in this camp will operate best with Windows systems. They may operate in a limited capacity with MacOS systems and are incompatible with Chromebooks.

Camps include:
  • Guided learning from our experienced instructors

  • Working in a group environment

  • Learning intermediate game development skills

Camp Details


No Date Available


7 – 10

11 – 17


Game Development


Unreal Engine Blueprints

Check out these testimonials

My dad says people do it as a job, and I have fun with it so I wanna be a pro.

Sylas A., Code Central Student

I love seeing the end result of my work and looking at all the challenges I’ve accomplished.

Wesley C., Code Central Student

In the future, I want to be a game maker so this is pretty helpful!

Alexander B., Code Central Student

Coding is a really fun thing to do, and really allows me to be as creative as I want!

Michael D., Code Central Student

I like to add the finishings details put on my games to make my code come to life, like adding pictures or music.

Victoria C., Code Central Student

So much of the world is run by computers, and I want to know how to work those computers to do what I want.

Adonia B., Code Central Student

What I like about programming is that people get to interact with it and it’s the future. There’s no limits in coding, you can make a robot jump or spin and twist just by typing it!

Josiah R., Code Central Student

For me, coding is a way for me to calm down after I get mad at something. I like that it gives me something to focus on.

Colin M., Code Central Student

I like being a creator; especially when creating video games and websites.

Khalil T., Code Central Student

I always felt like the type of person who stays on the computer. I love learning how to code since it makes using the computer fun and a learning experience.

Scout R., Code Central Student

I like coding because it teaches me new ways to make things like games and websites! I also think it is super fun because I can share my projects with other people so they can see how awesome it is!

Katerina P., Code Central Student

Seeing my ideas and creation come to life and knowing that what you made is yours, it’s amazing!

Juno M., Code Central Student

My favorite thing about coding is being able to create something that someone else might use. It’s about leaving a legacy behind for someone else to explore what I have made.

Cassidy L., Code Central Student

I like how it’s basically a care free environment to where I can build stuff to my full extent.

Savanna S., Code Central Student

I like to create things, and when I add my own ideas it makes it even more fun.

Trinnean B., Code Central Student

My favorite thing about Code Central how creative I can be, and how I can create anything I put my mind to.

Erickson S., Code Central Student

I like having the ability to write something and have it come to life. I really want to see how I use code in the future to make different technology and help people and advance society.

Diego L., Code Central Student

I like coding because when I heard I could make my own video game, I wanted to create the best video game ever! I can also earn prizes for points and make some pretty cool games.

Princeton B., Code Central Student

The power of being able to manipulate the computer to do what I tell it to, and feel powerful, I love it!

Daiki K., Code Central Student

I like it because I can create games and websites and make them how ever I want. So they’re all unique!

Hannah L., Code Central Student

It’s fun and something my friends don’t know how to do. I love when people ask for help and I know the answer.

Alejandro G., Code Central Student

You could make new things, old things, a robot- anything that requires electricity- I’m learning to make these things!

Jacob K., Code Central Student

My favorite part is that when you’re done, you can play your own game. When you do code you can learn stuff that you’d never learn before!

Fiona Z., Code Central Student

I like how much help the instructors give us, and how much more knowledge I gain!

Sienna M., Code Central Student



$179per weeklong camp
  • $25 off each camp for multiple camp purchases. Use code CAMP25 at checkout!


$129per weeklong camp
  • Members please use code: MEMBER50 at checkout for discount!