Computer Science Curriculum For Schools

Interested in bringing coding to your school?

Why Our Curriculum?

Code Central’s Level-Up Curriculum consists of engaging, educational, and all-encompassing instructional materials and an easy-to-use platform that allows schools to provide the highest quality Computer Science education for students.

Our project-based curriculum was created and developed in-house by members of the Nevada Department of Education K-12 Computer Science Standards writing team, and has been refined over several years of continuous development through practical application and use by thousands of students.

Accredited by the Nevada Department of Education and, our curriculum and Learning Management System provide schools with everything needed to ensure grade-level standards are being met. In addition to aligning with state requirements, we utilize industry standard tools to ensure that students are learning real-world job skills.

Stem Accreditation

Customized Learning Platform and Management System

Code Central’s curriculum is accessed through our online Learning Management System. Student progress, evaluations, and standard alignments can all be found within this fully integrated system. This platform allows teachers to easily implement the learning materials into their classrooms via the teaching style that they most prefer: classroom-style, individualized self-paced, or small group collaboration.

Our gamified student portal allows students to gain points and ‘level-up’ as they complete projects and challenges. Material is divided into 3 main categories:

Game Development
In our Game Development programs, students apply coding concepts to build clones of existing video games, as well as creating games of their own design.

Website Development
Web Development introduces design in coding as students build websites that not only look good, but are also accessible to many different types of users.

Robotics is separated into two primary categories: 1) Electrical Engineering, focusing on coding and the brains of a robot, and 2) Mechanical Engineering, which focuses on building the physical and moving parts of robots.

Additional Areas of Study Available:

  • Python

  • Flowcharting

  • Digital Citizen

  • Cyber Security

  • Data Graphs and Analysis

  • . . . And more!

Code Central Circle

What Do We Provide?

We provide teachers and schools with all the necessary tools and materials needed to successfully implement accredited Computer Science learning into the classroom:

Code Central Dashboard
  • Comprehensive Learning Management System

  • Professional Development for teachers from our curriculum specialists

  • Educational & Technical support from a team of experienced instructors and technicians

  • Full access to our LMS platform through a subdomain connected to your school’s web address

  • Initial and ongoing consultation


  • Comprehensive end-of-project challenges, combining all that students have learned into one large project
  • Text-to-speech capability throughout
  • Projects/challenges fully support and encourage an “inquiry”-based mentality through many facets of the curriculum
  • Open-ended questions that students must answer to demonstrate their understanding of the content covered in the project
  • Student collaboration via small group and paired programming available throughout the curriculum
  • Debugging challenges that task students with identifying ‘broken’ projects
End of Project

Teacher Resources

  • Quicksheets: A tool for teachers to quickly navigate projects without pagination, allowing them to quickly skim projects and identify errors, and to go through projects themselves in an accelerated manner
  • Instructional guides to assist teachers in implementing student collaboration in the classroom
  • Options for material to be presented three different ways: classroom-style, individualized self-paced, or small group
  • Easy access to challenge answers
  • ‘Practice Arena’ for homework and/or additional concept knowledge

  • ‘Typing Validator’ to track student typing speed and accuracy

Teacher Tools

Tracking Student Progress:

Teachers can separate their classes into groups and track student progress through our teacher dashboard and easy-to-use groups system.

Student Progress Demonstration

Languages and Technologies:

  • Python
  • Javascript
  • C++
  • Godot
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Arduino
  • GitHub

How Do We Align with State Standards?

Our curriculum is separated into easy-to-utilize categories focusing on different aspects of Computer Science. These categories overlap extensively to allow for customization to best fit the content for individual classrooms. Within a semester, teachers can utilize material from our various category offerings to fulfill all state requirements for the 6th-8th grade levels.

We have also created semester-long ‘standard pacing’ guides to ensure that by the end of a semester students will have satisfied all requirements for that grade level. All additional material within our extensive catalog is also available for additional enrichment courses or additional material for students to go beyond the state standards.

Standard Pace
Ensures that all standard requirements will be fulfilled by the end of a semester.

Level-Up Pace
Created for students taking an enrichment class or wishing to explore more of what our curriculum has to offer.

Our Community Partners

Discovery Children's Museum
Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada
Innevation Center
Clark County School District
National Center for Women & Information Technology
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Stem Accreditation