#1 Accredited STEM Curriculum For Kids

Our curriculum is proud to be accredited by both the Nevada Department of Education and STEM.ORG! This accreditation recognizes Code Central as part of an exclusive and elite group of educational providers, assuring you that with us, your child is receiving the best Computer Science education available.


How We Approach Learning

At Code Central, our philosophy stems from two core elements: Create an environment that provides hands-on learning, and offer a curriculum that engages student interest, curiosity, and imagination. We understand that kids learn and grow in different ways and one size does not always fit all.

Working closely with our experienced instructors, students are assigned to a learning path based on age and skill level. These tracks provide learning opportunities in programs most suitable to them as they ‘level up’ and build on their base foundation to more advanced levels.

Our Learning Paths

Students will learn many different technologies as they are introduced to various facets of Computer Science through our project-based curriculum. In addition to creating projects, they also complete challenges to facilitate their learning and understanding of concepts. Areas of instruction found throughout the curriculum include:

Game Development

Students learn to code and create their own video games. Younger students will begin with learning to code with Scratch, while older and more experienced students learn to code using Godot Game Engine.

Electrical Engineering

Students learn to build and code their own electronics. Younger students will begin with learning to code with Pictoblox, while older and more experienced students learn to code using Arduino (C++).

Web Development

Students learn to code and design their own websites using HTML and CSS. Beginner projects begin with creating simple single page websites and build up to larger projects like creating a portfolio and web apps.


Built According to Current K-12 Computer Science Learning Standards

Members of the Code Central Curriculum team were among the writers of the Nevada K-12 Academic Standards for Computer Science and Integrated Technology. These standards shape the content of what your students learn in school.

Our Curriculum has been written with these standards in mind to ensure a quality level of learning aligned with state standards. Whether your child wishes to learn to code, or needs help with passing their school classes, our program will help your child succeed academically.


Custom-Built Learning Management System

Our in-house designed learning platform tracks student progress and facilitates instruction as students complete projects and coursework in a gamified environment designed to increase student engagement. This easy to use system increases student motivation as they “level-up” by completing projects and challenges .


Ready To Get Started?

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