Private Instruction

Get your student prepared for a career in programming! Our private instruction sessions are perfect for beginners who are curious about learning to code. Private instruction sessions are customized to improve a students skills through our proprietary project-based curriculum.

Learning to code is on the rise.

Code Central® is an after-school technology center where youth learn coding through web design, game and app development, and robotics. We combine individualized, self-paced learning with fun and engaging group projects that enable our students to be at the forefront of innovation. Enhance your students understanding of learning to code with 1-on-1 Instruction. Our proprietary curriculum and knowledgeable instructors work individually with students and provide the attention and expertise needed.

  • Encourage youth to challenge their minds in a new way

  • Students work in a 1-on-1 setting instead of group

  • Sessions are personalized to the students individual learning styles & interests

  • Students are encouraged to take different approaches to problem solving

“The owners and staff make all the difference here. My children hated the coding they experienced at school, while their teachers at Code Central managed to engage, then interest, then inspire our boys to see the power extant in these keystrokes. Their teacher was a Harvard grad who loves teaching. I wish every teacher my children encountered cared about outcomes like this.

Attend with confidence. A+

Why choose Private Instruction?

  • Enhanced student experience

  • Learn anywhere you have an internet connection with online instruction

  • Sessions personalized to students learning style & interests
  • Guided sessions with experienced instructors
  • In-depth learning on an on-going basis
  • Provides your student with accountability for their online learning

What is included with Private Instruction?

  • Access to innovative proprietary Computer Science curriculum

  • Weekly recurring 1:1 tutoring sessions

  • Access to top instructors

  • Project-Based Coursework

  • Consistent parent meetings and updates

“What an amazing place! Sam is fantastic! My 12 year old son goes twice a week. He is on the autism spectrum and is very quiet and shy. Sam and the staff are super patient and kind and wonderful. My son is super happy to go to each session, and the flexibility of scheduling is very easy. So happy to have found this place when we moved here. Highly recommend.”

Going beyond our Core Curriculum

Let your student explore what interests them the most! Our experienced instructors will guide your student in learning fundamental Computer Science topics in a variety of development environments.

Game Development with:

  • Roblox (Lua)

  • Minecraft Modding (JavaScript or block coding)

  • Unreal Engine (C++ or Blueprints)

  • Godot Engine (Python)

Web Development with:

  • Frontend design principles with HTML & CSS

  • Backend engineering principles with JavaScript and PHP

  • Database management with SQL

Robotics with:

  • Take control of various sensors using C++ or Scratch

  • Learn how to quantify the world around you using Arduino® sensors

Our Research has shown:

Mentoring Makes a Difference

73% of surveyed Gen Z would like to be taught one-on-one

Generation Alpha and Technology

"Generation Alphas are increasingly accustomed to technologies that immediately and intuitively respond to their needs, and they will expect that kind of personalization in their education"

Digital Curriculum is In

"Regardless of their differences, there’s one thing that Gen Z and Gen Alpha have in common: growing up in a digital world. Technology certainly has its benefits; it will be essential to include technological delivery and research methods in curriculum for both generations"

“We are very happy with Code Central’s educational process. My kids had a computer class assignment, and because of the skills they learned at Code Central, they were able to assist most of the students in class and help them to pass. I would highly recommend this place to every parent who wants their child to be computer proficient!”

Frequently Asked Questions

We have found that private instruction is a great start for newer students to learn the fundamentals of programming!

During sign-up you will get to choose your preferred availability that works best for your child. Course availability depends on the instructor & course.

Yes, all Code Central classes can be rescheduled at your convenience by contacting us. Please provide 24-hour notice to change or cancel a class.

Of course! We are happy to walk you through our courses. Our coordinators will ask about your child’s background, interests, and experience levels to recommend the right course(s) for them. Give us a call at (702) 790-3930 or email [email protected] to speak with a coordinator today!

Yes! You can sign up for now and select a later date to start your classes.

We currently offer programs for kids ages 7-17, but are always working to expand our offerings! We have a wide range of courses for any student within that age range.

Free Introductory Sessions are held virtually with an instructor and last approximately 30 minutes.

Yes! We offer one free session per student. If you have multiple  students please contact us and we will work out a time to accommodate.

We require no long term commitment. Membership is on a month-to-month basis. We offer a full money back guarantee for the first month of instruction.

Our courses require:

1- A desktop or laptop computer that runs Windows or Mac OS, with a working microphone, speaker, and webcam. Students that take a Scratch coding course should also have a mouse.

2- The Google Chrome web browser must be installed.

3- A high-speed internet connection (at least 10 Mbps). We also strongly recommend headphones to help your child to concentrate, and be immersed in the virtual classroom.

Interested in more information?

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