Our Learning Spaces

Why Choose Our Learning Spaces?

At Code Central, our philosophy stems from two core elements: Create an environment that provides hands-on learning, and offer a curriculum that engages student interest, curiosity, and imagination. We understand that kids learn and grow in different ways and one size does not always fit all.

Our Learning Spaces stand out for their:

  • Optimal Student:Instructor Ratio

  • Collaborative Learning Atmosphere

  • Real-world Applications

  • Custom-Built Learning Management System

Not sure where to start?

Code Central recognizes the importance of an excellent learning space and a flexible, convenient learning and exploration, accommodating modern family demands. With open hours spanning after-school to weekends, we provide a dynamic, fun, and educational experience. Allowing students to work in person and online.

Our Location

At Code Central, we are delighted to present families with two options for learning how to code: an in-person center and an online platform with live instructors.

Prioritizing flexibility in our approach to education, recognizing the specific requirements of busy parents and their families. Our team of outstanding instructors is committed to individualized attention and guidance for each student, drawing on their extensive knowledge and experience. We offer personalized schedules to suit your preferences, whether you choose to learn online or in-person.

10545 S Eastern Ave #110

Henderson, NV 89052

(702) 790-3930

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