There is an increasing need for computer literacy among school-age children. We recognize this and wish to do our part in bringing it to the front lines of our education. We created a place where today’s youth can go to learn, grow, have fun, and be around others doing the same thing, with the guidance of a knowledgeable and friendly instructor.  We want the learning to be valuable, engaging,  and meaningful. It is in this spirit that we created Code Central.

Learning to code opens up a whole new world of possibility and provides a deeper level of critical and logical thinking. Success in coding requires students to challenge themselves in ways one might not expect. Students develop a deeper understanding of math and problem solving, while learning to approach moments of uncertainty with confidence instead of fear.

With this in mind, we went about doing what we do best: building a team of educators, instructors, and experts to make our vision a reality.

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If you would like to learn more about Code Central and the benefits of coding for your child, simply let us know and we will connect with you soon!