Our Team

Our staff is made up of a diverse set of programmers with a wide range of coding experience, as well as backgrounds working with students of various ages. They are all very passionate about sharing their collective knowledge with those interested in starting their own programming journey.

Eric Mendelsohn
Director & Co-Founder

With more than 25 years of experience in Education and Management, Eric has a wealth of knowledge that spans a variety of educational levels and learning practices. In addition to his valuable experience as an educator, Eric has served on a number of committees and boards, all with the focus of continued development of young minds.

His service includes being a Writing Team Member for the Nevada Department of Education K-12 Computer Science Standards (2018), an Advisory Board Member at Lied STEM Academy Middle School, and a School Organizational Team Member at Glen Taylor Elementary, Wallin Elementary, & Elise Wolff Elementary. Eric has been recognized by the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada as the Outstanding Community Partner Award in 2019, and the Vegas Top Tech Executive Community Exemplary Award in 2018.

He holds an M.A. in English and has extensive program development experience, covering countless courses in many areas of study, including: computer science, cultural training, learning development, and tutoring programs. He is committed to cultivating environments that inspire others to learn and create

Guiding the Next Generation

Meet our experienced team of instructors and curriculum writers who collaboratively
craft the exceptional Code Central experience.

Sam Cornelius

College of Southern Nevada

Curriculum Director

A graduate from Western Governors University with a Bachelors in Cyber Security and an Associate in Computer Programming from the College of Southern Nevada, Sam has been with Code Central since before we opened. He has accomplished a lot during his time with our company, such as being a writer for the CS standards for the state of Nevada as well as implementing the learning platform that Code Central uses for our students. When not writing curriculum or training instructors, Sam likes to play his ocarina, cook video game themed foods, and play video games.

Ebony Moseley

Smith College

Center ManagerCoordinator

After attending a summer camp focused on game development, Ebony started taking an interest in the field. She received her Bachelors in Computer Science from Smith College, where she was a member of an a-cappella group. Ebony has been coding for 6 years and teaching kids how to code since 2017. Her favorite programming language is Python. Outside of coding, she enjoys singing, traveling, and solving puzzles.

Abbey Weeks

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Lead Instructor

Currently studying Computer Science at UNLV, Abbey found a love of coding through video games. She is a Unity-certified developer and is familiar with graphic design, animation, and robotics. She loves to teach students all types of programming and hopes to encourage more and more students to enjoy learning to code.

Xander Endre

Neumont College of Computer Science

Lead Instructor

Xander is currently studying Software at the Neumont College of Computer Science. He has been learning Computer Science since he was in 7th grade. He began as a student for Code Central, became a student volunteer, and has been an instructor for three years. Xander has a passion for designing and developing websites, like this one!

Talei Sagawinit

Western Governors University

Lead Instructor

Talei began coding when she was a freshman in high school. She continued studying on her own and attended a web development bootcamp in Las Vegas, NV. Since graduating in 2019, Talei has worked as a software engineer, working in both frontend and backend roles. She is currently studying cybersecurity at WGU and enjoys going to music festivals in her free time!

Monica Narouz

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Lead Instructor

Monica got her degree in Computer Science from UNLV. Math is her favorite subject to study, and she enjoys working alongside kids as she’s able to show them new and exciting projects. In her free time, Monica enjoys listening to music.

Arian I.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Lead Instructor

Arian is a senior at the University of Las Vegas in Nevada, where he studies computer science. Arian is passionate about coding and is excited to share his knowledge with others. He believes that coding enables anyone to create something that can change the world.

Noah L.

University of Nevada, Reno


Noah Leighton has been with Code Central since May 2018. He is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno. Noah is passionate about coding and engineering and is excited to see what the future holds for him in these fields.

Melody W.

Silverado High School


Melody has been with Code Central since the opening of the Henderson location, starting out as a student, then a student volunteer, and now instructor. She is currently a senior at Silverado High School. Melody is passionate about coding and teaching others how to code. She is also a talented artist and cat lover.

Abby C.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Abigail Camara is an undergrad and Honors student from UNLV, where she is working towards her BA in Computer Science with a minor in Statistics. Abigail is passionate about coding and is excited to share her knowledge with others. She is also a talented singer and baker.

Owen R.

Utah Tech


Owen is planning to attend Utah Tech this August, where he will study Game Development. Owen is passionate about all things game development and is excited to continue his education and career in this field.

Christopher S.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Christopher graduated from UNLV with a Master’s in Education and is currently attending CSN for an Associates in Cybersecurity. Christopher is passionate about teaching and is excited to see what the future holds for him in this field.