Navigating AI Education

Join us for an empowering webinar designed to equip you and your children with the insights and tools necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Whether you’re starting the conversation about AI at home or looking to deepen your family’s engagement with technology, this session is your gateway to understanding and making the most of AI’s and your child’s education.

Presented By: Sam Cornelius,
Code Central Curriculum Director


February 26, 2024



Plan to spend 60 minutes with us

Navigating AI Education

Monday, February 26th,

6:00 – 7:00 PM PST

As AI continues to evolve, making headlines with its ever-expanding capabilities, many parents are left wondering about the future that awaits their children. What roles will be available for them in a world where AI plays a significant part?

While the concept of AI might seem overwhelming, it also presents a world of opportunity. It’s about more than just technology—it’s about preparing our children to thrive in an innovative future. At our coding center, we see this as a chance to inspire and equip the next generation with the skills they need to navigate and shape this exciting future.

Live AI Demonstration

Discover AI in Action: Don’t just hear about AI—see it live! Our webinar features a real-time AI demonstration that brings the technology to life, right before your eyes. Join us and experience the future as it unfolds

Insightful Content

Essential AI Knowledge: Our webinar distills complex AI concepts into engaging, bite-sized insights. Get a clear view of AI’s role in your child’s future with content that’s both informative and accessible

Experienced Educators

Learn from the Best: Code Central’s team of educators isn’t just experienced—they’re experts, recognized by the Nevada Board of Education and We’re committed to providing authoritative, engaging AI education

What will we be discussing?

Topic #1: The Impact of AI on Tomorrow’s Leaders

Learn about AI’s transformative role in shaping the skills and opportunities for our youth in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Topic #2: Equipping Kids for an AI-Driven Future

Discover strategies to prepare your children for the rise of AI, focusing on the skills that will be in high demand as technology progresses

Topic #3: Conversations on AI: Safety and Ethics

Find out how to engage with your kids about the responsible use of AI, emphasizing the importance of ethics and safety in the digital realm.