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Code Central’s Top-Rated Tech Camps are perfect for kids (ages 7-15) looking to sharpen their STEM skills by learning emerging new technologies! Through learning the techniques used in game & app development, mechanical engineering, and graphic design, campers will gain critical thinking & problem solving skills!

Throughout the day, campers will learn & work alongside each other, taking breaks away from the computers to also stretch their muscles and get them moving. Working cooperatively on various unplugged projects focused on encouraging team-building skills.

Where Will You Begin?

We provide campers with wide array of curriculum, walking them through the steps needed to create intricate and exciting creations. Each project introduce students to various industry-level tools currently used by developers and designers in the STEM field.
Check out the available topics below!

Roblox© Game Development

A popular choice for online gaming, Roblox also has a great environment for developing 3D multiplayer games!

Roblox Studio© is a 3D game engine designed to bridge the gap between “video game players” to “video game developers” with tools to help campers create various types of games, and even how to monetize their creations!

Mechanical Engineering

Combining building hardware and designing software, a great introduction to engineering.

For both younger and older campers, VEX IQ© Robotics is a popular way of learning about the simple machines that power everything around us, while also learning programming fundamentals as well.

Unreal Engine©

The industry standard for game development, also leading the way in the medical and architecture fields.

Unreal Engine©, known for popular games such as Fortnite, is a great way for experienced programmers to expand their skill set using Unreal Engine’s proprietary “Blueprints” coding environment.


Arcade Game Development

Best for beginner coders looking for a way to create classic pixel-style games!

Using Microsoft’s MakeCode© system, campers will learn how to re-create classic arcade games, learning the fundamentals behind introductory game development and graphic design.

Mobile App Development

Learn the trade used to enhance the technology that many of us carry around everyday!

Through the process of designing applications for mobile devices teaches campers how to develop programs with a focus on user interface design & user experience.

Minecraft© Modding

Create your own unique worlds in Minecraft© by adding your own customizations into the source code!

Modding, or changing a piece of published software, requires campers to not only grasp coding fundamentals, but to also apply them to a commercial product, adjusting it to their creative desires.

3D Modeling

Featuring an emphasis on character & environment creation, 3D modeling shows campers how to use the tools of various 3D modeling programs.

By learning how to create 3D representations of either the real world, or one imagined, campers will learn how to design environments and characters to feature in their art collections, games, and animations.


  • Guided learning from our experienced instructors
  • Ability to work on both individual and group projects
  • Develop custom games, websites, robotics, and app development projects using accredited curriculum

  • Ability to amplify their current coding capabilities
  • Ability to explore, develop, and program with innovative, industry-leading platforms


In-person Camps

We offer our camps in-person at our centers located around the Las Vegas valley. Campers will join us from 9am – 3pm each day they are signed up for. During the camp day, about half of each day will be dedicated to programming and project development, while the other half will include physical & unplugged activities, snack breaks, and lunch at 12pm.

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